Shore Whaler's Wahine

Since the inception of this research project I have recorded any interesting thoughts that have arisen. Currently this comprises nine pages of notes. Some of these topics have occurred to me while I have been compiling individual essays. Reading books and other related material has also prompted other ideas.

These subjects/topics will ultimately be incorporated into the generalised section of my book. This will then be followed by a collection of profiles about specific shore whalers’ partners.

Ideas generated by other interested persons would assist in rounding out the general introductory work and make it more comprehensive. No matter how knowledgeable one person is, the cumulative ideas and opinions of several experienced contributors will always enhance a project’s interest and professionalism.

I consider that it would be inappropriate to incorporate my list of topics on this web site. This could restrict the open exchange of ideas and concepts or perhaps unnecessarily influence other interested individuals. I do not want to constrain the lateral thinking of other contributors. Some examples of the types of subjects/topics that I consider might be addressed are:

  • What type of relationships did the shore whalers and their partners enter into?
  • What type of dwellings did these wahine/women occupy?
  • What did their diet comprise?
  • What types of mothers were these wahine/women?
  • How did the whalers and their partners communicate early on in their relationship?
  • How mobile were these women?
  • What type of clothes did they wear?
  • What was the attitude of the wahine/women towards their partners?
  • What was life like for them during the off-season?
  • What roles did the wahine carry out in terms of the wahine/shore whaler partnerships?
  • How did a whaler’s partner’s life compare with the life of a wahine who lived with a Māori spouse?

  • I would like contributors to initially choose principal and possibly subsidiary themes. Sometimes these may not become readily apparent until your essay is underway.