Shore Whaler's Wahine

I have chosen the biographical profile of Tokitoki Caddell, a southern (Murihiku) wahine, to illustrate the type of biographical essays that I have already compiled. In terms of adding profiles to my existing collection this example demonstrates the standard I would like all prospective contributors to aspire to. Web site users may wonder why Tokitoki was my preferred choice, especially taking into consideration that she was the partner of a sealer and not a shore whaler. My reasons are as follows:

  • Tokitoki is the earliest identifiable southern Māori women to partner a Pākehā. She therefore must be considered as one of the true pioneers of mixed-race marriages in Aotearoa and this is my essayís primary theme. Unfortunately details relating to the other very early southern wahine (pre 1823) were either not recorded or have now been lost.
  • She was of the Kāi Tahu Whānui and from Murihiku. My tūpuna were closely associated with this region of Te Wai Pounamu.
  • Because of Tokitokiís pioneer status she is the logical starting point in terms of my overall research project especially in view of its Kāi Tahu centric.
  • She was a wahine with obvious mana within her community and amongst her peers. With the arrival of shore whaling, many southern wahine were to soon follow her example by partnering Pākehā whalers of varying nationalities. I have developed this as one of my subsidiary themes.
  • She was the wife of James Caddell one of New Zealandís best examples of a Pākehā Māori. He is the South Islandís best example.
  • Tokitoki was the first known southern wahine to travel outside of New Zealand waters. She was one of only a select few to experience life outside the tribal rohe. Her reluctance to undertake a second voyage tells us something of the position of women within the southern Iwi at that time. Once again I develop these topics as a secondary essay themes.
  • It is clear from historical accounts that her husband was a friend and an associate of my tupuna Pahi (or Tahupahi) the leading Murihiku fighting rakatira.
  • I share common whakpapa with Tokitoki.
  • Since Tokitoki had no children, there are no direct descendants who need to be consulted regarding my choice of her as my example profile.
  • To save space I have not included all my endnotes (197 in total). However, prospective contributors will obtain a clear idea as to the extensive nature of the information sources that I consulted and the need to record these in detail.
  • There are other subsidiary themes that I could have developed in relation to Tokitoki however I considered it more appropriate that other wahine be utilised to highlight those traits. This essay is currently my second longest once my detailed case studies have been excluded.

    Tokitoki's Profile can be downloaded here:
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