Shore Whaler's Wahine

I have designed an application form for interested people to complete and this is attached. This form complements my information brochure and can be accessed in PDF format. Alternatively, prospective contributors can email me and I will send them the application form electronically (plain text - Microsoft Word).

If you are interested in contributing a biographical profile please complete this form (which is self explanatory) and either email or post it to me. It would be much appreciated if all questions could be answered to the best of your ability.

Following receipt of the completed application form and any related dialogue that may be required between the prospective contributor and myself, a decision will be made as to whether the wahine/women will be incorporated into my existing collection/research project.

If the essay is to be included then the contributor’s written consent will be sought to add their name, and their biographical subject’s name, to the list of those personalities already “posted” on this website.

The application form can be downloaded here:
Application Form (2,553 KB)